Cetaver® tubular braid

Construction :
- Flat and hollow E glass fiber braid with tight stitches. This braid can particularly swell and stretch in order to fit perfectly bended conductors or complex formes .
-  UNBLEACHED = Textile ensimage  -  AS = Amino silane finish on yarn.
-  D.T.G                = Heat treatment in order to limit fraying when cut.
-  A.R.I                  = Acrylic impregnation to avoid fraying when cut, enables fastenings, improves the blocking of bindings, has a better resistance to rubbing.

Applications :
- Bindings, bandings, fastenings, bobbins insulation.
- Allows to have a stronger binding than cord.
- Takes less place as it is flat.
- Can be used for class F - H - C insulations.
- Covering of copper wires for insulation which requires a good adhesion of the tubular on support.
- Enter less into insulation as it is flat.
- Replaces Class B rayon and cotton tubulars.

Producto Thermal class Temperature resistance Width Unit selección
S C - 30 à + 450 °C 0.5 à 30.0 mm M