Tear strap

Construction :
- These straps are built with polyamide, polyester or mixed threads.
- Most of the straps that were manufactured on shuttle-type looms are now made on needle-type looms with indrillable binding.
- These straps are manufactured according to customer specifications, whether in tear resistance or part length sewn and not sewn.
- These straps can be treated anti UV, Waterproof, anti abrasion, Hygnifuge, etc.

- PPE as anti-fall system, textile brake, etc.
- Straps intended for the civil industry as an anti-fall system for work at height, leisure like mountaineering or in the aeronautical industry as a textile brake.
- There are variants of straps used as baggage nets in civilian or military cargo planes.

Product Width Thickness Breaking resistance Weight per meter Unit Selection
NT 06 45 mm 2.80 mm 3000 daN 84 g/m M