Cetaver® Glass fibre cord

Construction :
- Braid = Discontinuous glass yarn assembled and twisted (Verranne).
- Core  = Discontinuous glass yarn (Verranne).

- Braid = Continuous textured glass yarn (Silionne).
- Core  = Discontinuous glass yarn (Verranne).

UNBLEACHED (Textile ensimage)
This is the standard quality.
Cowinded with double faced adhesive.
Cowinded with double faced adhesive.

-  The standard cords are braided and get the reference “V“.
-  We designed for custemers looking for flexibility a cord with glass yarn but knitted, with the reference “SV“.
-  Allow a best absorption of the glue while fixing it on the support.
Applications :
  As seal for the doors of hearth insert, ovens, stoves, boilers.
  Possibly fillings and wedgings of sections.

Product Diameter Quality Type Unit Selection
V 48 5 à 14 mm Dure Tressée M
V 03 M 7 à 12 mm Molle Tressée M
SV 54 6 à 9 mm Standard Tricotée M
V 48 5 à 14 mm Standard Tressée M