Textinap® banding tape

Construction :
- Tape which is made of twisted glass yarns parallel and impregnated with a thermosetting modified polyester resin class H in solvant environment and a thermosetting epoxy resin class H220 in solvant environment.
Applications :
- Banding of induced parts of rotors, banding of inductor bobbins in traction motors, in transformers, in rotating machines.

ADVANTAGES : Easy to use, good insulating properties, high tensile strenght. Electrical losses are reduced. High insulation, good resistance to humidity and corrosion. 

Product Thermal class Thickness Resin rate Width Unit Selection
H H 0.30 mm 27 % 10 à 30 mm M
H220 H 220°C 0.33 mm 28 % 10 à 30 mm M
H H 180°C 0.30 mm 27 % 10 à 30 mm M