mixted Treyl® - Cetaver® tape

Construction :
- Woven tapes with a glass yarn and a polyester yarn either in wrap and weft or in weft and wrap.
- Those tapes are heat shrinkable like Teryl® tapes. Please see data sheet G2.
  2 possibilities :

  - Reference : TS
    - Wrap yarn    Polyester
    - Weft yarn     Glass

  - Reference : ST
    - Wrap yarn    Glass
    - Weft yarn     Polyester

Type of weaving :
- LINEN  : Perpendicular weaving in wrap and weft.For a similar thickness, the linen weaving makes a tape with more holding. It is less supple than serge weaving.
- SERGE : Herringbone weaving. It allows to have a tape which can bend out of shape slightly more easily than a linen woven tape . It better gets into its position in low radius bends.

Applications :
- A Polyester shrinkable tape Teryl® is used when are required the following :
  A shrinkage (tightening) further to temperature effect. This shrinkage happens during impregnation operation or when going into an oven, but when the temperature is superior to class F temperature. Like an intermediary between the class F and class H.
- According to the percentage of polyester and glass yarn used, one or the other class is chosen.
- According to the required direction of shrinkage, it is better to use :

 - REF TS : wrap Teryl®          - weft Cetaver®  = Shrinkage is lengthways (wrap).
 - REF ST : wrap Cetaver®  - weft Teryl®      = Shrinkage is widthwise (weft).

Product Thickness Weaving Shrinkage at 140°C Width Unit Selection
TS 18 0.14 mm Toile - Linen Faible - Low 15 à 30 mm M
TS 12 0.17 mm Toile - Linen Faible - Low 15 à 25 mm M
TS 04 0.25 mm Sergé - Twill Forte - High 15 à 40 mm M
TS 07 0.30 mm Sergé - Twill Forte - High 15 à 40 mm M