Elasto Silicone Cetaver® Tape

Construction :
- On CETAVER® tape base composed of Silionne wires in warp and weft.
- The ribbon is woven with edged edges.
- Coating with class H modified silicone rubber.
- This tape complies with EN 45545-2 standard fire-smoke index. Suitable for R23 requirements with HL3 rating as its value is greater than 32%.

Applications :
- Insulation of cables on static and rotary machines.
- Insulation on alternators, transformers when they can work in a humid environment.
- Insulation on the stator bars at the iron outlet to allow good electrical insulation and at the same time have good protection against dust and moisture.

Product Raw material Width Thickness Weight per meter square Thermal class Selection
S010SE/NC Silionne + Caoutchouc de silicone 20 mm 0.32 mm 450 g/m² H