Cetaver® tape + braid Binding stop

Construction :
- It is made of fibreglass Cetaver® tape Ref : S/NC - thickness : 0,20mm with a hard braid on one side in purpose of getting the binding stop.
- S 23   : Cord is sewn at the same time as weaving of tape.
- S 23/1 : Cord is manually sewn into the folded tape.
Applications :
- This binding stop is obtaining under the first layers of the pre-impregnated tape in order to make the binding at coil end and to prevent the binding from slipping backwards. The diameter of the roll is determined according to the importance of the thickness of the binding.

Product Dimensions Unit Selection
S 23 30x2 40x3 40x4 mm M
S 23/1 30x3 30x6 40x6 40x8 50x6 60x5 60x7 60x8 80x8 mm M