Cetaver® S glass tape

Our S glass tapes are made with S glass yarn.
S glass tapes have better charactersitics than E glass tapes.
S glass tapes are fitted for the insulation of supraconductive coils, and more particularly for the ITER project, because S glass yarn contains a very light content in Boron (0-0.1%).

Characteristics of S glass yarn compared with E glass yarn :
Very light content in Boron.
30% more resistant.
20% higher young module.
25% higher heat resistance.

Product Thickness Weight per meter Tensile Strength Weaving Unit Selection
SS 08/NC AS 0.15 mm 170 g/m ≥ 500 N/cm Toile - Linen M
SS 11/NC AS 0.25 mm 270 g/m ≥ 900 N/cm Toile - Linen M
SS 05/NC AS 0.25 mm 220 g/m ≥ 600 N/cm Toile - Linen M
SS 12/NC AS 0.15 mm 200 g/m ≥ 800 N/cm Toile - Linen M