Basalt Cetaver® Tape

• Our Basalt tapes can replace the glass tapes considering that its resistance to temperatures is largely superior to E-glass tapes. 

The advantages :
• It is a natural and safe mineral fiber. Basalt is safe for the health because its fibers have a diameter of 8 µm and higher. Moreover Basalt fibers cannot give off toxic gases.
Its specific crystalline structure gives good wetting and good adhesion properties of the fiber surface which does not absorb the humidity.
• Basalt fibers do not melt nor shrink in the flame.
• Good resistance to radiations and U.V.
• Good Resistance to very low temperatures
• Good resistance to acid and alkaline.
• Higher thermal conductivity compared with E-glass.

Product Thickness Width Temperature resistance Weight Meter per centimeter Unit Selection
BA 01 0.25 mm 15 à 100 mm -250 +700 °C 2.50 g/cm M